Portable Restrooms Rental Policies

Rental Periods

  1. One Day/Weekly Rentals
    1. Items will be delivered and picked up. Items must not be moved by the customer.
  2. Monthly Rentals
    1. Items will be delivered and picked up. Items must not be moved by the customer. Once a week servicing is included. Billed monthly using a credit/debit card that stays on file during the duration of the rental period.


A valid photo driver’s license is required for ALL rentals. A major credit card may be used as a second form of identification. All rentals require a debit or credit card with the customer’s name on it.

Rental Payments, Deposit Requirements, and Cancellation

20% of the total is due at the time of reservation. Cancellations within 2 weeks are not allowed. No refund is given for canceled items within two of the reservation date. Reductions within 2 weeks of reservation date are not allowed. Reservations must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the reservation date.


Delivery is a requirement. The location of delivery will be agreed upon at the time of reservation. They are not to be moved at any time by customers. There will be a fee if the restroom is not accessible for pick up or servicing. Our delivery personnel is instructed to only drive on asphalt, pavement, gravel, or compacted dirt. Delivery is only where the truck is able to drive. Delivery will be one to five days before the reservation date.

Pick Up

Restrooms must be accessible at the time of pickup or there will be a fee. For a day rental, our delivery personnel will be there anytime from one to five days after the day it was needed for. For monthly rentals, our team will be there to pick up the restroom one to five days after the customer has called off the rent.


Rental items lost, damaged, or stolen will be assessed at a reasonable replacement cost on the rental contract. All replacement costs and cleaning charges are non-negotiable.

Damage Waiver

The damage waiver is a non-refundable, percentage charge added to all rental contracts. It covers accidental damage from normal usage. The damage waiver does not cover loss or negligence.

Payment Methods

Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express are accepted. Debit and credit cards are required and are the only form of payment for rental items.


Responsibility for rental items remains with the customer from delivery to return. Additional charges for replacements are made for missing or damaged items.

NOTE: These policies do not supersede what is stipulated in the signed rental contract.